Vector Logo design An Art focusing on 2 Cs Concept and Clarity

Published: 24th January 2012
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In todays scenario, a vector logo design is simply under rated. But the true fact is that a logo design helps directly or indirectly in the growth of the business. A logo design is used for inspiring trust, loyalty, brand recognition, admiration and superiority. It is a birth mark for a company and thus used to identify organizations. A vector logo design should be treated as an investment rather than a cost to the company. This article will help you to understand the meaning of logo design, importance of logo design and what all important points one should keep while designing a logo.

Why a logo design is an investment rather than a cost to the company ?

Logo design is a resourceful investment as it helps to create an identity for the business and thus, reach out to millions of hearts and minds of people through a simple design. It says everything about your business and adds value, credibility and recognition to your business. Thus, Cost or money should never be an issue or hurdle in creating a logo design. The cost would vary upon the company as all the companies have different niche, culture and needs. So a customized quote for each individual is very necessary for a vector logo design. The cost of the logo design depends on the volume of the business, number of revisions required, presentation of logo concepts, R & D etc.

Why logo design is necessary for every business ?

It is very important for any business to attract their customers and retain them. Logo is a powerful tool used to create identity of the business which can be distinguished from the competitors and other business. Logo also helps in communicating a unique message clearly. The more the attractive logo is for a business, the more people will remember it which adds to brand value, trust and growth of the business.

Useful Tips to remember while creating a Vector logo design:

---> Logo design should be very simple rather than complicated. It should be self explanatory and easily understood by all viewers.

---> One should use vector graphics software to design a logo. Vector graphics software like adobe illustrator are used to convert any jpg to vector or any sketch to a vector image. A vector graphics software ensures visual consistency across multiple sizes as it uses mathematical methods to design a logo. Hence raster graphics software like Adobe photoshop or bitmap should not be used because it causes much problem during reproduction.

---> The advantages of jpg to vector graphics for logo design are: Adaption to other media is more easy than a raster image, editing the logo becomes simpler and it can be scaled to any size with full quality and clarity.

---> Logo designing work should be given to professional designers. Dont go on cheap rates or local designers or amateurs. Invest whole heartedly and you will see the growth of the business. Return on investment would definitely be good and more.

---> Professional designers would help you in creating a unique and memorable logo which would have more life span as you wont have to invest again and again in designing another logo. The reproduction of it would be simpler and easier.

---> Dont go on trends which leads to cliches but rather go on unique design which will stay for life long.

---> Choose a readable and attractive font. Try to use a maximum of two fonts of different weights which is a standard practice .

---> Avoid imitating or copying designs as it would not favor any one.

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